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Breathable/dry sneaker by Reda Active Merino Wool

₽ 11680
€ 160,00
SKU: BD0839B00KO1TE6700
Comfort, heritage, sustainability and technology: elements embodied by the new Barracuda sneakers. They are 100% Made in Italy using 100% Italian fabrics, using only ZQ-certified merino wool from New Zealand spun and woven in the historic Reda wool mill. This special fabric is a “high performance merino” because its combines ultra-fine 17.5 micron wool fibres with the resistance of Cordura®. The result? A unique blend of comfort and design. The sneakers are made entirely of merino wool in both the upper and lining, so that they absorb water vapour quickly. It is transported outside the shoe, always leaving the foot dry and maintaining natural body temperature. On the outside, the wool and Cordura interweaving ensures the shoe’s shape and tensile strength. They can be worn without socks even in the middle of winter. And in summer too, thanks to merino fibre’s natural temperature regulation. The box-shaped sole is made of rubber in the same colour as the upper. Removable leather Fussbett insole.
Color Grey
Material Lana merino
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