Fabi E.A.S.Y


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Fabi E.A.S.YFabi E.A.S.YFabi E.A.S.YFabi E.A.S.Y
E.A.S.Y is an attitude. It’s a mood. It’s a lifestyle. Fabi fashion has strived to convey all this through a product that, with its light weight, comfort, style and colours draws inspiration from free time, from joie de vivre, from that liberating sensation we experience when we devote time to ourselves. Happiness is a stroll in the sunshine. It’s that sense of wellbeing we get from a place and from what we wear to experience it, to soak it all up. This is E.A.S.Y. and our shoe shows it. COLOUR: green MATERIAL: nappa leather

  • 37
  • Green
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