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Le NOTE su CARTA di Annatildestudio per FABI

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The Vie Collezioni di Annatildestudio become CARTA. It is the meeting with FABI that marks the road of the PAPER. And it was to bring the idea to fruition that the tracks and nuances of FABI joined those of the Vie Collezioni di Annatildestudio and were welcomed there. In that conscious, white or multi-coloured Paper... Along the Vie Collezioni di Annatildrestudio, New NOTES... NOTES of PAPER... NOTES on PAPER for FABI.. The REMIX LESSON is the most eclectic. GENTILE AL MAXI is custom-made elegance. CIRCO D’ESTATE recalls romantic tightrope walkers with a wandering soul. A FILO D’ACQUA is a component of the unfinished. Rich with magic and intellectual honesty. SALUTI DALLE MARCHE is the expression of timeless classicism. A collection of elegance and purity. Of a particular grace. Whispered. Pure and irresistible.
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