New Emil! The Fabi men's sneaker that redesigns the canons of the contemporary gentleman

Password: #sneakers! Our collection of sports shoes is more and more extensive and increasingly functional to the wardrobe of the contemporary gentleman. Shoes that we like to define as hybrid, suitable to downplay more sober outfits or to give timeless elegance to more casual choices.


That is how the Jesse sneakers were born, inspired by the spark of Owens' talent, from his humble 20th-century Alabama origins reflected in the reverse construction technique, to conceal the external seam. To make the shoes more waterproof. More unique. More beautiful. And the superior Flex Goodyear construction, achieved through the patented 102- step technique: an approach to the Material comparable to Jesse’s approach to athletics. Perfection and legend.


The Barracuda brand, born in Montegranaro in 1896, has long been part of our family, without ever losing the original DNA.